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Five Zone Acupuncture
Adjunct Cancer Therapies at IEP Clinic
Feng: The Meaning of Wind in Chinese Medicine
Triple Burner (Sanjiao)
Restructuring American Acupuncture Practices
An Introduction to Acupuncture and How it Works
Ma Danyang's 12 Acupoints: Valuable Points for Acupuncturists...
Synopsis of Scalp Acupuncture
Moxibustion: Practical Considerations for Modern Use of an Ancient Technique
Bleeding Peripheral Points: An Acupuncture Technique
Acupuncture and Herbs for Mind/Brain Disorders I: Acupuncture
The Significance of Pulse Diagnosis in the Modern Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture Treatment of Asthma
Fengchi (Gallbladder-20)
Neiguan (Pericardium-6)
Zusanli (Stomach-36)







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