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Emblica ribes

Emblica is one of the three myrobalans fruits commonly used in both Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine. Emblica, known in India as amla, is the most frequently used of the three, mainly because of its inclusion as the main ingredient in an herbal honey formulation called Chyawanprash, the biggest selling Ayurvedic product in all of India. Amla is considered a potent antioxidant and a good astringent due mainly to its high content of polyphenols. Applications of this fruit include: digestive system disorders of all types, bleeding disorders, lung disorders, and alleviation of fatigue and symptoms of premature aging.


Formula for harmonizing the digestive system and promoting health and longevity

Formulation Notes

The ancient formula triphala, comprised of equal parts of the three myrobalans fruits, is described in the Charaka Samhita and is one of the most important of the Ayurvedic formulas because it is said to balance and harmonize all three doshas. It is said there that if a person regularly consumes a tonic formula with the three myrobalans as the main ingredients, "one will live for a hundred years without any sign of decrepitude." Among the most common uses today for triphala are to regulate the digestive system, being useful for both hyperacidity and hypoacidity of the stomach, for diarrhea and constipation, and other pairs of apparently dissimilar functional disorders. In this formulation, a small amount of ginger has been added to further benefit the digestive functions and increase the circulation. Recent research has suggested that triphala and its individual ingredients may offer protection against cancer induced by environmental chemicals and against radiation and other damaging chemical and physical threats to longevity.

amla Emblica 28%
hirda Chebula 28%
beda Belerica 28%
sounth Ginger 16%

Indications for Use

weak digestion, food hypersensitivity, diarrhea, constipation, premature aging, easy fatigue


The ingredients are powdered and made into caplets of 500 mg each, with 120/bottle.


For adults: 3-4 tablets each time, three times daily.