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Tinospora cordifolia

Tinospora is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic for debilitating ailments, usually those that are chronic and cause fatigue, limited mobility, and difficulties with digestion (resulting in poor nutritional status). Modern research suggests that the herb may protect against damaging effects of cancer therapy and may help modulate the antioxidant and immune system activities. From the Western natural healing perspective, tinospora may be considered to be a "detoxifying herb" because of its ability to scavenge free radicals and heavy metals, calm adverse immune reactions that produce inflammation (such as those involved in rheumatoid arthritis), and alleviate symptoms of liver toxicity, hepatitis, and liver fibrosis. Its active ingredients include alkaloids and terpene glycosides, such as tinosporine, tinosporide, cordifolide, clerodane furanoditerpene, and diterpenoid furanolactone tinosporidine.


Formula for strengthening and cleansing

Formulation Notes

This formula is a new one devised by the current author. It relies primarily on four tonic herbs of the Ayurvedic system, the bitter tinospora and swertia for improving liver function and the astringent chebula (chebulic myrobalans) and rubia (madder), which are strengthening, cooling, and detoxifying. These are supplemented with turmeric and ginger to promote healthy digestive functions. Tinospora is a key ingredient in the Tibetan formulas Tinospora-3 (with chebula) and Tinospora-5 (with chebula and swertia) for inflammation, arthritis, gout, and other pains. Tinospora with chebula, or with the three myrobalans fruits (chebula, emblica and belerica, together called triphala, see the emblica page), was recommended for those who were obese; these herbs are said to help by controlling the excessive humors. Another traditional preparation is Mula Asava, which incorporates tinospora, rubia, and turmeric in a treatment for conquering heat in the blood and for accumulation of fluids.

guduchi Tinospora 30%
hirda Chebula 20%
chiraita Swertia 15%
itari Rubia 15%
haldi Turmeric 15%
sounth Ginger 5%

Indications for Use

joint and whole body pain, headaches, inflammation, skin eruptions, obesity, persistent cough, toxic reactions, hepatitis


The ingredients are extracted, dried to powder, and made into 500 mg caplets, with 120/bottle.


For adults: 3-4 tablets each time, three times daily.