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Treatment Fees and Policies

Specialty Monthly-fee Programs

HIV Program: $100/month. Ryan White Funding provided by Multnomah County Health Department allows for further reduction of fees for persons who meet financial need criteria. Usual participation is acupuncture once per week, massage therapy every other week, and prescribed supplements.

Cancer Program: $150/month. Usual participation is acupuncture twice per week, massage every other week, and prescribed supplements.Hepatitis C Program, Diabetes Program, Rheumatoid Arthritis Program, MS Program: $150/month. Usual participation is acupuncture once per week, massage therapy every other week and prescribed supplements. Note: if it is determined that a client should receive treatments less frequently, they may elect to switch to a payment schedule of $25/visit, $15/massage & supplements at wholesale pricing. However, a client must elect one pricing structure or the other; switching back and forth is not permitted.

Payment by Treatment Program

Pain Clinic (includes miscellaneous disorders): $25/acupuncture treatment; $15/massage treatment when available, up to twice per month. Supplements are available at a reduced rate.

Payment Policy
Payment is expected at the time of service; for monthly programs, the payment should be made at the beginning of the month and the payment does not vary on the basis of service utilization (whether you come for frequent treatments or infrequent treatments, including vacations).

Financial Aid
If you are truly unable to pay the standard monthly fees, you may apply for a fee reduction by filling in our financial aid form.

Participation Policy
IEP was established as a research clinic. Periodically the data that we collect is reviewed and used for to further knowledge of the efficacy of traditional medicine. We ask that clinic participants make every effort to come to the facility on time for their appointments. If cancellations must be made, please do so as far ahead as possible. Repeated no-shows (not canceling an appointment and not showing up) will lead to termination of your participation.

Service and Supplements Limits
Acupuncture sessions are limited to three times per week unless otherwise prescribed by the practitioners. Massage therapy sessions are limited to once every other week, unless otherwise prescribed. Herbal and nutritional supplements are based on prescription. If you have concerns about the amount of supplements prescribed, please speak with a practitioner about reviewing your prescriptions. Our clinic has limited facilities and is not able to provide adequate assistance for persons with severe physical or mental impairment. If such conditions develop during your participation at IEP, we may recommend that you seek other services. In some instances, home visits can be arranged with individual staff practitioners.

The Nature of Adjunct Therapies
The clinic specializes in providing services that are an adjunct to standard medical services that you receive from your personal physician(s). You will not be asked to change the use of any prescription drugs or otherwise alter your prescribed treatment by your medical doctor. In certain instances, we may recommend that you discuss with your doctor making some changes in your standard treatment. Our naturopathic physician (Edythe Vickers, N.D.) may prescribe a drug therapy in some cases; please inform her of any other drugs you are taking. Similarly, you should provide your personal physician with the information about any items prescribed at IEP.

Concerns and Complaints
If you have a concern or complaint about the services you receive, the supplements, or any aspect of the clinic, please present them as soon as convenient. As appropriate, please discuss with either the attending clinician, the assistants, or the program manager (Subhuti Dharmananda: 503–233–4907). You are welcome to write a letter or note with your concerns if you prefer. We will attempt to address the matter(s) and provide either an improvement or an explanation.

Discontinuing the Program
There can be a number of reasons for discontinuing participation at IEP; of course, the ideal reason is that you health has improved to the point that you do not require further treatment. If you decide to discontinue the program, please inform us of your decision and, if possible, state a reason; should you discontinue only the office visits but wish to obtain more supplements, you can obtain them at wholesale prices. Generally, if we have not seen you at the clinic for about one month, we will try to contact you before inactivating you.

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