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Commonly Asked Questions

Does it work? Will this treatment help my condition?
The therapies we offer have a good reputation for alleviating common symptoms that accompany various diseases and various medical treatments (i.e. symptoms that are side effects or after effects). There is no claim made that the therapies we provide cure any disease.

Does acupuncture hurt?
The needles used in acupuncture therapy are extremely fine and produce very little discomfort. Patients often experience a sensation described as numbness, distention, or an electric-like stimulus. Overall, most people describe the experience of an acupuncture treatment as relaxing or pleasant.

Do Chinese herbs taste bad?
At IEP, we mainly provide herbs in the form of tablets, which you will not taste. From time to time, we may recommend that you take a tea, which may have a strong taste. However, most people quickly adapt to the taste.

Why do I need to come in so often?
Acupuncture therapy works best if, at least initially, it is provided at short intervals (e.g. 1-2 times a week). In this way, the benefit of each treatment can add up. Once your health status is stable, it may be beneficial to receive acupuncture less frequently, as a maintenance program.

What if I like to be treated by one practitioner in particular?
In most cases, you can schedule your visits to regularly see a certain practitioner. However, we can not assure that you will see that practitioner every time you visit.

What if I have a disorder not listed among the specialties or prefer participation in a private practice?
The IEP practitioners have private practices that you might utilize. The special discount prices are unique to IEP, so discuss the costs with the practitioner.

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