Tea formulas

There are numerous products of Kräuter-Pfarrer Künzle AG, produced mainly for sale in central Europe. Künzle emphasized the concept of providing products in three forms for each disorder: a solid (e.g., tablets or lozenges), a liquid (e.g., fluid extract or tea), and an aromatic (essential oil for inhalant and/or topical therapy). These provide the core of the healing system that has become widely used in Switzerland. Additionally, herbal bath ingredients, salves, ointments, and hair lotion were also developed. In an effort to make this healing system accessible to America and other countries, a selection of popular tea products was separated from the larger product line, and prepared for this market.

Seven of his traditional tea formulas (out of 24 sold in Switzerland), and one new formulation (for treating influenza) based on his approach, were produced to meet the American standards. Each of the ingredients were checked for safety (in the laxative tea formulation, one ingredient was deleted because of concerns about potential for liver toxicity even though the tea had been used safely for years). Extra quality control measures were established and the production was moved to a German factory that could meet all the stringent requirements.

The tea formulations can be divided into three categories:

Starting with the 3-herb combinations that form the basis for each category, 2-7 herbs are added to make the complete formulas designed for specific applications. Each of these tea blends is presented in the following pages. An ingredient of the formulas is pictured and briefly described at the bottom of each page. More detailed information about the selected herbs and about all the ingredients found in these teas is presented in Chapter 8.

For use of the teas, Künzle advised that hot water be poured over the herbs and let sit for about 10 minutes (with the teabag cut of herbs, this amount of time can be reduced to 5-7 minutes). He pointed out that "if you use more tea, it will not be harmful, because the herbs used are non-toxic." But, he suggested that it is a good idea not to make too strong a tea (or take a large quantity) if a person has a weak stomach (easily reacts to foods and herbs). Teas are more effective, he claimed, if taken sip by sip throughout the day instead of by the cupfuls at one sitting; but, if this is not practical, he suggested taking the tea in three to four portions during the day. He also thought the tea would be more efficacious taken on an empty stomach, and they could be sweetened with sugar (brown sugar if possible), but better if taken straight.

It is hoped that, as these teas gain further appreciation and recognition, interest will be stirred in learning about Künzle's full approach to natural healing, including his other formulations (such as those for arthralgia, bronchitis, and for children) and his comprehensive philosophy of natural life style.