Solidago virgaurea

Plant family: Asteraceae aka Compositae (Daisy family)

Part used: whole above ground portion

Taste: bitter, aromatic

Historical commentary: Goldenrod is a common plant that has been used for many centuries as a diuretic; it is also considered useful for inducing sweating when taken warm.


Diuretic: relieves edema and promotes free flow of urine.

Diaphoretic: promotes perspiration, used as a therapy for fevers and for "toxic" syndromes.

Modern findings: Goldenrod has antiseptic properties. The saponins are being investigated for potential immune modulatory effects and cancer-inhibiting activity.

Dosage: 6-12 grams, but 3 grams as a digestive aid.

Active constituents: Goldenrod contains flavonoids (about 1.5%) and tannins (about 10%) and triterpene saponins. The diuretic principles have not been elucidated.

Cautions: none known.

Künzle Formula: Slimming Tea.