Spirea ulmaria

Plant family: Rosaceae (Rose family)

Part used: flower

Taste: bitter

Historical commentary: Meadowsweet became well-known in the 16th century as an analgesic herb and in the early 20th century became one of the major sources of the drug aspirin (the "spir" in aspirin is from Spirea).


Antitussive: for bronchitis.

Antifebrile: reduces fevers in acute infectious diseases.

Anti-inflammatory: relieves gastric ulceration and arthritic inflammation.

Modern findings: The drug aspirin, derived from the main active ingredient, is the most widely used drug in the world, due to the diverse and reliable actions and low level of side effects.

Dosage: 2.5-3.5 grams, less when used with other herbs for treating infections.

Active constituents: In addition to the salicylates in this herb, there is a considerable amount of tannins and flavonoids that may contribute an antitussive and anti-inflammatory action.

Cautions: Some people are sensitive to salicylates and they should not use this herb.

Künzle Formula: Tea for Colds.